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Lightstone Management


Lightstone was founded in 2010 by Barry Farkas and Mike Silber with a focus on developing low-income housing in the NYC area. To date, Lightstone has developed 1,000+ units in NYC with a combined value of over $500,000,000. 

Over time the company  expanded to include out of state opportunities and is currently involved in building a 500-unit apartment complex in Nashville, Tennessee, a 360-unit apartment complex in Douglas County, Oregon, and a 5,000,000 SF residential and commercial development in Florida. As well, Lightstone currently owns and manages 550 units in NYC and 1000+ units outside of New York.

Through their years in the industry, the company has carved out a reputation for quality  projects that are completed on-time and within budget. 





Lightstone Management has grown to include other entities, including


Lightstone Holdings LLC - In 2018, the partners formed an investment office to diversify their holdings across many industries, including multiple private small business lending platforms. Always forward thinking, the partners leverage the latest technologies and have invested in multiple Blockchain and crypto companies, staying at the forefront of this new frontier. 


Centena Health Group LLC Recognizing the imperative need to bring proper medical services to underserved populations and utilizing the collective power of their vast network, Centena was formed to include multiple businesses in the healthcare sector, including high complexity laboratories, urgent care centers,  and one of the largest school-based dental programs in the state of New York.

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